We decided to get another update out with a large amount of balancing changes and new weapons. After this our focus will be on the ‘end game’ finale mission before release!

Updated Ship Types:
We updated all ship types, combining some and adding some new ones:
– Cloaker: Always Jammer, ranged enemies
– Duplex: Two cores. Balanced enemies
– Factory: Multiple factories that build up enemies over time. Balanced enemies and hazards.
– Dreadnought: Low number of powerful/shielded enemies
– Miner: Hazard focused
– Nuke: Nuke tank and self destruct system focused. Kaboom
– ScienceVessel: Lots of tech. Defensive focused enemies
– Scrapyard: Melee focused enemies and lots of destructible debris
– Sentry: Turret focus
– Swarm (colony ship): large number of light/weak enemies
– Warship: balanced ship with a bit of everything

New Weapons/Items:
– Barricade shield: Fire in a direction to stop projectiles/enemies from coming
– Taser: Melee weapon to stun enemies
– Prism Laser: Shotgun rail cannon type blast
– Slug shotgun: fires slug that bursts into shrapnel
– Zap shotgun: fires sticky electric balls that do damage over time
– Repulsor Shield: Shield that can push projectiles away at a large distance
– Hostage Shield: grab enemies and use them as a shield. Slows player on use.
– Subminution Rocket: Remote rocket that bursts into a swarm of seeking cluster munitions

Enemy/System changes:
– Repair system now repairs last destroyed system – so it’s possible to stay ahead of the repair process
– Took out self repair functionality from repair system – was too hard to take out in combination with the attacking bees
– Goal time now slightly less
– Alarm/sentry/core now dont attack cloaked player. Mines also dont go after cloaked player
– Friendly turret item now has laser weapon to make it more powerful than drone item (but less mobile)
– Juggernaut increased density to stop gunfire from pushing it into walls
– Picket shielded added rapidfire blaster weapon
– Viper lowered attack range and lowered movement speed
– Lowered Ironclad health, and lowered amount of time shield is up
– Decreased MrFixIt heal speed, and now no longer letting multiple heal the same enemy/system
– Increased Sentry system laser damage
– Faster advanced factory spawning, from 100 to 60
– EMP stun now works on shield systems, stops their rotation
– Tattletale enemy now faces player rather than trying to run away
– Now displays ‘max drones’ in sidebar, to show the total possible drones that can be created on the ship
– Slimer enemy can now take slime damage

Weapon/Item Changes:
– Large balancing pass to ammo counts / prices
– Drunk rockets: proper explosion and projectile sizes. increased initial projectile speed (now more accurate. you can spit them into a room before they boost)
– Increased Rail Cannon charge speed
– Alarm lure: added 3 uses to alarm lure
– Nuke charge: added 3 uses to nuke charges
– Speed loader: increased rate of fire from 10% to 20%
– Speed booster: increased speed from +40% to +80%, and increased recharge time to 60 seconds

Character Changes:
– Now shows starting health in character select screen for rogue mode
– Enforcer: Starts with 12 health – max 15. Now has a single large health pack. Starts with shotgun zapper.
– Jennet: Starts with 11 health – max 13. Starts with two remote nukes
– Salamander: Starts with 9 health – max 10. Now has mine rack instead of slime mortar.
– Intruder: Starts with 6 health – max 6. Now has Guantlet melee weapon
– Wevil: Starts with 6 health – max 6. Replaced melee spike with taser

– Lighting pass on all levels, giving more contrast / individual lights on enemies and game objects
– Better background starfield maps
– Enemy ship images in the ship selection campaign screen now better sized
– Added star map to background of enemy ship selection screen
– Fully lip sync for all new dialog / artifacts
– New frag and small rocket particles
– Fixed problem where minimap wasn’t accurate with a lot of crushers/wall saws in the level

– Fixed Weevil character going into space mode when inside enemy ship after teleporting
– Now stops enemies from exiting ship doors (except for advanced factory enemies, who will chase player into space)
– Fixed issues with systems being spawned in bad wall positions in early levels
– Physics optimizations
– Fixed some sounds playing over each other – or left on when outside ship

Let us know if you have any issues on our forums! Or any feedback at all,
– Lee & Jesse