Steam Announcement:

It has been a while since our last update – We have decided to switch to a biweekly update schedule (with hopefully a dev log with each update) so updates will be smaller and more frequent. We will also be releasing the Modbox demo early next week. Demo will have all creations/mods and online play, but just let players edit or make their own creations

New Featured Creations:

Largest additions:
– Wild West Mod
– Destructible Objects Mod
– Playmode Locomotion Options – Directional and Touchpad added. What locomotion the creation uses will be displayed on load creation screen.
– New Entity Category: Gamemodes. Adds a ‘Team Controller’ so creations can be team based gamemodes. Add different kinds of scoreboards that are shown on death and game over (and with the ‘scoreboard’ menu option). Scoreboards right now are Steam Leaderboards, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Custom Team scoreboard (can wire scores into it).
– When server changes creation that a player doesn’t have, it no longer disconnects that player. Player stays on the server and a screen pops up to download the creation.
– Added Avatar Torso options
– New floating HUD with health bar
– ‘Respawn’ modifier to respawn entities
– Mesh Editing: Can now select faces, and use the Gizmo option for easier placement

New Dungeon Entities:
– Pressure Plate, Spinning Blade, Spike Plate
– Two bows

Other Changes:
– Actions can now set text variables on entities
– Scaling the edit mode labels with the player
– Added ‘time string’ to timer output, to output the time display. Added no millseconds option
– Slingshot now starts in off-hand (similar to longbow)
– Replaced ‘restart’ function entity with ‘game over’
– Can now set a doors ‘locked’ bool through wiring
– New sounds: sci fi door open/close, grenades
– Fixed bug with teleport ray colliding with collision entity
– A ‘Play Online’ option when opening creations

There is a lot of content we’ve been working on that we’ve held back for this update – so we still have a lot of new stuff to release in the next few weeks

As for long term plans – multiplayer building and getting the ModboxSDK out is now the focus

– Lee