Released on April 29th 2011 for PC – Available for purchase now on Steam



Lee Vermeulen – Programmer
Jesse McGibney – Artist

Additional Credits:
Ian Livingston – Usability/User Experience Specialist
Peter Srinivasan – Sound designer
Micheal Quinn – Additional Sound design
Solar Fields – – Music from the 2009 album Movements


Metacritic page – 80% from 19 reviews – 8/10 – “Capsized is a great-looking action game that gives “intense” a new meaning.”
Edge Network – 8/10
Techflaws2011 8/10 3/5 3.4/5 7.5/10 (Polish) 8.5/10
Xboxplus.netCapsized is one of the best indie games of recent times. Addictive, beautiful, cheap and full of details that fill the eyes.” “Capsized is a really good 2D platformer with amazing combat that is frantic, intense, and ultimately satisfying” 4.6/5 8/10 8/10 “Capsized less than perfect, it just comes close” 9/10 “This one is worth more than twice the price of admission” 3.5/5
8bithorse (Summary of game)
IndytalGames 6/10 82/100
Trgamer.comg 8.2/10 7/10 (Portuguese) (Spanish)