Check out the update video:

We probably should have had at least one update between this and the last one. After this we just have 1 major update to make before release.

– Massive optimizations to drawing, and level loading. Should also fix a lot of out of memory errors players were having
– Massive changes to level setups / generation
– Rogue mode dialog – a starting tutorial with the captain, then a lot of new voice acting for each character for rogue mode
– 11 new artifacts to find, all in Rogue mode
– New Character: PDX-40 – Can slow down time for better fighting precision
– New Character: Weevil – Phase Tunneler ability, can teleport a short distance (even through walls)

New Enemies:
– Bee Hive
– Viper – From Advanced Factory. Nimble hunter-killer drones that seek out intruders in deadly packs.
– Leviathan – From Advanced Factory. Mobile factory drone that carries packs of smaller attackers.
– Tank – Heavily shielded drone that requires high-damage weapons to destroy
– Picket Medium – Medium sized turret

– New background star system graphics
– New System: Hazard System

New graphics / new functionality for:
– Shuffle System
– Jammer System
– Failsafe System
– Nuke Destruct System
– Armour System
– Advanced Factory System
– Repair Bee

– New ‘Science Vessel’ ship class: No reward, no bonuses, and a lot of tech advances
– Changed Flak turret seeking projectiles
– New Juggernaut weapons
– Player leaving ship animation after death
– New Weapon: Gas Chamber
– New Weapon: Galvanic Fission Bombard 9000… aka BFG
– New full shield enemy graphics

Known Issues:
– New artifacts do not have lip sync for the dialog yet

– Lee & Jesse