Modbox update 4 is now live – with dungeon mod, drone fighting, and lot of other additions.

Update video:

Some new creation highlights:

Be sure to check out our Modbox building tutorial series – we just added a new video. ‘Mods and Hockey’.

All tutorials:

Major Additions:
– Dungeon Mod: First complete new ‘core’ mod option. Comes with 2 enemies currently (fly skull demons) and a large amount of building assets and weapons.
– Drone Trainer Mod: 2 flying drones, 2 hover tanks, 2 turrets, 1 training drone
– Wave Defense Mod: Set up your own wave defense games by placing a ‘wave controller’ entity, and ‘wave spawner’ entities to set what enemies to spawn.
– Physics Guns Mod: With a gravity gun to grab and shoot physics objects, and a ‘physics gun’ to pick and move them exactly
– Sci Fi Weapons Mod: Bazookas with 3 missile types (steering / laser guiding), energy bow, shotgun blast, charger blaster, grenade launcher, and chaingun. Also comes with ammo clips that can be put into recharge stations
– New Teleport system: now a curve based for easier navigation. We also changed how +/- height works to easy go back on the level terrain
– New Entities: bow and arrow, 5 doors, new button entities, a raygun blaster, Slingshot, Joystick controller, 2 goal posts for the sports mod, lightswitch toggle, dial display, detonator toy, new toy handles, exploding barrels, kitchen mod, chess mod
– New Environments: Moon, Dojo, Gymnasium, Landing Pad, Testing lab
– Health/Damage system, with restart option on death
– Can now color any entity with the color tool
– Game mode settings: no spawn menu, infinite ammo, infinite health
– Control Pack Mod: 3 new levers, 5 buttons, 2 throttles
– The in world UI large screen now always draws infront of objects

Other Changes:
– Fixed conveyor belt physics
– Spawner now has option to stop spawning after hitting max amount
– Max speed option for Thruster
– Made Mod screen easier to navigate
– Labels now shown for wiring mod

Known Issues:
– Loading times on the Dungeon level are currently pretty bad – sometimes being around 10 seconds. We know how to solve it, hopefully this will be fixed for the next update.

Other new creation highlights: