Here are the first screenshots of Apotheon. We’ve been working on Apotheon since Capsized was released – it’s still early in development but we are making great progress and are beginning to playtest the game with friends and other developers.

Apotheon is a 2D platform action-rpg set on the rich stage of ancient Greek mythology. Hera, the queen of Olympus, has overthrown her husband Zeus, and taken his throne as ruler of the Gods. Bitter and scornful towards the race of mortals, she launches a murderous campaign to scour them from the earth. As humanity’s last champion, you must pass through the land of the dead, infiltrate Mount Olympus, and end the wrath of the Gods. With sword, spear, and shield in hand, you will sneak, conspire, loot, and battle your way through majestic palaces and chthonic depths as you climb towards godhood. Only by stripping the old gods of their powers, and taking control of the elements as your own, can humanity hope to survive the coming oblivion.

Apotheon will have both a sprawling, open-world singleplayer campaign where you climb your way to the top of Mount Olympus, gaining divine power and deadly enemies along the way,  and online multiplayer battles with tactical bronze-age combat (spears and arrows!).

Final platforms and release date are still unknown, but the game will be a PC release first.

Both me (Lee) and Jesse will be at GDC next month – let us know if you’d like to meet!
If you’d like to keep up with development you can follow our twitter accounts at AlientrapGames and JesseMcGibs