Illfonic has released the first trailer of the new Nexuiz – to now be published by THQ for XBLA / PSN / and Steam in early 2012.

News on the announcement trailer and the publishing agreement can be found on RockPaperShotgun and Joystiq

In other news, me and Jesse are currently working on a new project. Hopefully we can announce something soon, but right now we are still just focused on planning out development and the depth of the game. At the moment the game is just multiplayer only (PC networking is working, with master-server listings and such), and the reason that’s the focus right now is so we can refine the gameplay and mechanics by fighting each other before getting into the single player AI and world. The new game will be a sidescrolling 2d game like Capsized, but with RPG elements and a focus on an open world environment. Development is still early but we’ve made a lot of progress, and our focus is on a PC release with other platforms to follow.

Capsized is still in development for an XBLA release, with new content developed by Koolhaus Games, and we are hoping to do a large update for the PC version to go alongside that as well (with PC exclusive content, developed by us).