Here are two screens of Apotheon, some of the new areas we recently finished. One is of the forest areas – where the player can hunt wildlife, search for items, and talk to the forest inhabitants. The other is the first screen of one of the main town hub spots – filled with merchants to buy/sell from and palaces and houses filled with loot.

There is now a Alientrap facebook page also, so hopefully we actually post dev updates on there rather than just entirely focus on development.

We have two new team members also! Marios Aristopoulos will be writing the Apotheon soundtrack along with some sound effects – and Abe Hutton is helping with art and animations. Our focus right now is on polishing the game section we have now (about 20% of final game’s size) and experimenting with new gameplay mechanics. We will most likely release the first teaser videos and start a marketing effort in October, then start showing it off at any conventions we can find then.

Capsized is part of Steam’s summer sale right for 66% off. It’s still in development for XBLA by Indiepub, with a release date unknown (it’s ready, but the release is in limbo right now as a publisher slot is being found). Indiepub also plans to release a Ipad version of Capsized soon however. We also hope to release Capsized soon for other PC platforms (Mac/Linux) – basically we want to get Capsized everywhere to as many people as possible. Hopefully we can announce a release date for one of the new platforms soon.