Update video:

Zombie Saloon: (A COD Zombies inspired zombie wave game)

Modern Weapons Firing Range: (test all of the new modern weapons)

Compound: (Deathmatch map using Modern Weapons pack)

ChatBot Test: Talk to creepy NPC chatbots in VR

Major Additions:
– NPC System: You can add the ‘blank NPC’ entity, then customize it’s AI and model. Or just use a already setup one like the Zombies. We will be expanding this system with more AI options later on.
– Avatar System: The previous robot avatars are now used for edit mode and when in the lobby. In play mode you now have a human avatar – using the same player models used by the NPC system.
– Edit mode Physics: Objects now have their physics turned on in edit mode (most objects, not primitives). This allows easier placement, and replaces the surface snap (which never worked really well).
– ‘Modern Weapons’ mod with 25 realistically modeled weapons – all with reloading with their own clips entities.
– New edit ‘Help Menu’ – You can not watch our Youtube tutorials while playing! Just uses a ingame browser + Youtube, so you can skip to any part. We will be updating the tutorials for our next release.

Other changes:
– Fixed online issue with Holsters – where some players wouldn’t have their Holsters get setup. Also fixed World Holsters
– Moved a number of entities from the ‘basics’ mod to core, so they are always available (all joints, and some control entities)
– ‘Locomotion Blocker’ entity to block where player can teleport/move to
– Networked voice audio now 50% positional (I wanted some positional audio but also wanted to always be able to hear people in game. I might make this changeable later)
– Grip locomotion now the default in edit mode (since it’s all we use normally)

– Lee