Cryptark Update 0.6

– New COOP Campaign option
– 3 new music tracks
– ‘Low Detail Mode’, which turns off all lighting/effects for better performance on older systems
– Level Hazards: Wall saws, crushers, incinerators
– Destructible Debris
– Environmental Art (machinery, robot arms, player’s crewmates, etc)

Other changes/fixes:
– New Spikedog tail graphics
– New Weapon: Cycle Rifle
– Fixed Bumper hazard starting close to systems
– Intruder suit can now open lock doors by completing arrow combination
– New Slime/Liquid graphics
– Helper drone/sentries now shown as green on map
– Increased MrFixIt enemy health and range
– Mines removed when mine layer system destroyed
– Sentry System now stays open for attack while firing
– Bumpers now show on minimap
– Tutorial instructions shown before dialog text

Will be live for Linux/Mac players later today / tomorrow!
– Lee & Jesse