First major update to Cryptark is now live!

Now with unlockables including new player suit options

– Artifact system: Ships will now sometimes appear with ARTIFACT labels on them, and contain artifact objectives.
Each artifact is unique, and is tied to a specific objective, and will come with a bit of narrative that we will be expanding over time. Artifacts are also Steam achievements, so see the achievement list for how to get them.
– 3 new music tracks
– 4 new suit options! Each with their own special ability (replacing the Gunhead’s dash), starting weapons, and some built in power ups. New suit types are: Rook, Jennet, Salamander, and Intruder. Each suit also has paint job options that can be unlocked.
– ‘History’ menu, to see past campaigns you’ve won or lost, and lets you go back and check out the narrative for any artifacts you’ve recovered, and see how many are left to find.
– New Items: Buddy drones and turrets – buddy drone will follow you and help take out any enemies. Also a new Thermal Javelin spear, and the Vulcan Laser (a heavy energy weapon comparable to the chaingun)
– New System: the Shuffle system in Hazard ships. It will count down a timer, then teleport every system on the ship to a different location.
– No more time penalty: The goal timer that penalizes players for going over time on ships has been a source of much discussion on our forums. The timer itself is an important pressure element of the game, and probably won’t be going anywhere for the main game mode. However, we did remove the money penalty for going over time, and adjusted the timers and rewards to compensate.
– Crosshair options
– A bunch of items now operate on a recharging timer to make them more useful, such as the cloaking weave, emp field, and aegis shield.
– New bonuses: destroy all systems, no repair kits, no alarms tripped, kill number of juggernauts, keep X systems, destroy X systems

We are still working on optimization! There have been some optimizations and fixes, but did not address performance enough with this update, and still have plans for that for the future

Big list of small changes:
– Greatly increased slime damage against enemies
– Optimized flame thrower
– Cursor now locked to screen, with mouse sensitivity options
– Player can no longer die after destroying the core
– Some level generation fixes
– New leaderboard: End Bank amount
– New loadout ship graphics
– Equipment rebate no longer included in total revenue
– Gamepad mode now defaults off
– New resolution options
– No Controller vibration option
– fixed alarm flashing light sometimes not stopping
– No Nuke defense when destroying last core
– Fixed Speed Loader item. It was adding time to the next shot, not subtracting it.
– Limited casing spawn rate
– PS4 icons for map screen
– Made mines die when the last core dies.