Our first Apotheon PS4 patch is now live in North America and Europe, version 1.02.

Changes and fixes include:
– Fixed Vita Remote Play controller mappings.
– Added light bar support.
– Fixed bug that prevented Divine Wrath and Treasure Hunter trophies from unlocking.
– Physics stability improvements.
– Fixed some spelling errors.
– Zeus’ music no longer gets stuck when reloading.
– Added a confirmation box when returning to the main menu.
– Fixed bug with climbing walls.
– Elevators now reactivate after killing Ares.
– Fixed bug that caused certain gods to return to life when reloading a level.
– Aspis Shield added to Agora and Acropolis shops
– Fixed rare crash in Apollo’s stables.
– Fixed rare crash in Satyr temple.
– Fixed issue picking up Wild Trophy Key.
– Fixed crash in animation system.
– Adjusted controller deadzones.
– Grappling hooks no longer collide with doors or boats.

Now that the PS4 patch is finished we’ll be making more updates soon! We are experimenting with adding more coop elements, and still focused on a few small bugs/issues