We are announcing a new game project! Autocraft – a physics based puzzle game for PC and eventually mobile.

We are currently in beta testing with Apotheon, and hopefully submitting for PS4 certification soon. Throughout Apotheon’s development I’ve been working on Autocraft as a side project – with 3d artist Harley Price, and level designer Berkley Staite. Since Autocraft is the type of project that is best built with a community, we’ve decided to release it as ‘Early Alpha Access’ on it’s website to get it to players ASAP. By ordering the game now player’s will receive immediate alpha access (through a key redeemable on Steam, Windows only currently), and all future updates.

Inspired by games such as Bad Piggie’s and Kerbal Space Program, Autocraft is a game about constructing vehicles and other automatons to accomplish objectives. Currently the game has 21 challenge levels, and a sandbox mode for experimentation. We are still prototyping the design of the Sandbox area and other game modes, but feel the game is fun enough to release to players in alpha now.

We also have a Steam Community Hub for players to discuss the game and share creations.