We may have some important Capsized news to announce tomorrow!

But until then I just wanted to give a general Alientrap update. Jesse and I are working on a new project in the hopes of getting a prototype done for the IGF awards in mid October. We are trying some insane stuff with this new project, so it’s been a learning experience getting things together. The new project is a side scroller 2d game alike to Capsized in some ways, since we wanted to use everything we’ve learnt from Capsized playtesting and development, but it’s a very different game. Hopefully we can start showing stuff soon.

Capsized was recently selected in the Fantastic Arcade – where it won the “The Bionic Commando Award for Grappling Hook Excellence Award”. Unfortunately we weren’t there to except the award or take part in the festival, but it looked awesome enough that there is no way we are not going next year.

I am really wanting to give some updates on recent Nexuiz development from Illfonic, but I’ll leave any announcements to them. I’ll just say from what I’ve seen/played the game is turning out amazing, while keeping the Nexuiz intensity and really taking standard deathmatch to a new level. Hopefully there will be some news with that soon also…

Alientrap has yet another project in the works: Indievania. An indie game marketplace developed with indie devs in mind, where 100% of the costs of the game go to developers. We are still developing it, it’s in open beta right now, but we hope to launch it within the next 2 months or so.

Jesse and I also did a interview with 8BitHorse, which you can see here. We briefly talked about our new project but mostly it had to due with development. I also did a interview with ThreeQuaterdpad and GameSideStory, and EpicBrew.net

And lastly – reviews for Capsized keep coming in, we are now at 80% on metacritic! Here is another list of reviews since our last post:
Gamezebo Gamer.nlkillscreendaily.comvgnetwork.itgamestar.pltitel-magazin.depressxordie.comnightmaremode.netcpugamer.combulletproofpixel.comaagames.co.uk