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Based in Toronto Ontario, Canada

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February 3rd, 2015

Playstation 4


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As humanity’s last champion, you must pass through the land of the dead, infiltrate Mount Olympus, and end the wrath of the Gods. With sword, spear, and shield in hand, you will sneak, conspire, loot, and battle your way through majestic palaces and chthonic depths as you climb towards godhood. Only by stripping the old gods of their powers, and taking control of the elements as your own, can humanity hope to survive the coming oblivion.

Apotheon is AlienTrap’s second commercial game following the success of our 2D sci-fi action platformer Capsized, and we wanted to try something a little different, and a little more aspirational. Greek mythology and the classical Hero story arc are the foundation of many pieces of Western literature and entertainment. Its fantastical gods, monsters, and iconic characters have appeared in, or formed the basis of, countless works of art. With Apotheon, we wanted to return to the source, and connect story and art in a way that has not (surprisingly) been seen in games before. The black and red figure art of Greek pottery is almost the perfect art style for a 2D game. It is bold and instantly readable, with heavy use of symbols, ideal for conveying information to the player. It is flat and uses many patterns, perfect for efficient texture tiling for environments and levels. And most importantly, it is linked with some of the most interesting narratives in human history!


  • Apotheon is a 2D action RPG set in classical mythology and styled on ancient Greek pottery art.
  • At its core, Apotheon is about brutal melee combat that focuses on timing, positioning, and skill using a wide variety of bronze-age weaponry.
  • The main campaign of the game is a sprawling open-world narrative where the player is encouraged to explore the reaches of mount Olympus and beyond.
  • Fully voiced characters and sweeping soundtrack bring classical figures such as Zeus, Hera, and Ares to life.
  • Local one versus one multiplayer is included, letting friends test their mettle against one another in the arena.


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Selected Articles

  • "“Despite being little more than a glorified stick figure in a loin cloth, though, the pissed-off protagonist can bloody the pages of Greek mythology with the best of them.”"
    - Matt Cabral, IGN
  • ""McGibney and Vermeulen have found a way to bring ancient art into a brand new medium, and recreate the mythology that we all thought we knew.""
    - Kelsey Sidwell, Kill Screen

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About Alientrap Games

Alientrap Games is a Toronto based studio dedicated to creating games that we ourselves would love to play. And we love games that provide skilful challenges, compelling narratives, and stunning art styles. Primarily we have focused on making 2D action platforming games that take inspiration from many other genres, such as first person shooters and role playing games, and our horizons are constantly expanding. We've released Capsized in 2011 and Apotheon in 2015 - and are now working on CRYPTARK for Steam/PS4.

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Apotheon Credits

Lee Vermeulen
Lead Programmer, CoFounder

Jesse McGibney
Art and Creative Director, CoFounder

Marios Aristopoulos

Eduardo Ortiz Frau
Sound Designer

Faham Negini

Fredrik Henriksson
Level Designer

Maciej Paprocki
Mythology Consultant

Robin Arnott
Sound Designer

Ethan Lee

Abe Hutton

Ray Batts

Deven Mack
Voice Director

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Playstation 4 Porting

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